The Best Day

Saturday I married the man of my dreams. It was perfect. Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us and for all of the well wishes!
Until later…
 my mom, my great aunt, and myself changing into an Indian Sari. 
 my favorite cookies :) 
 mini pavlova

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6 thoughts on “The Best Day

  1. Congratulations! I must admit I found your blog after reading about the wedding on a Milwaukee website however I am so happy that I did! I have been working really hard at losing weight and a lot of weight loss blogs focus on foods differently than you do. I am really excited to look through and read more!!


  2. Congrats, Lara to you and Ryan!!! You look gorgeous and very happy in your pictures! I also saw some on Nisa and Maya's Facebook page. Hope all goes well for Ryan this year. Can't believe how you are all growing up! Will you live in Milwaukee? Brrrrr! So proud of you and your accomplishments…and proud to have been your teacher!
    Love, Ann Mitchell “Miss Mitchell”


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