About Larisa


Hi! I’m Larisa and I am utterly in love with food and its counterparts.

I adore cooking because good food is unforgettable. Further, healthy ‘good food can be life changing.You can trust that the recipes you find on this blog will better your body and mind-without losing your sanity. Besides recipes, I also post homemade beauty regimens, health and cooking tips, products that i love, and adorable ‘food gifts’ for deserving loved ones.

In 2013 I completed a 6 month Cooking School Program at The New School of Cooking in Los Angeles, CA. I loved every hour of it and so did every one of my test subjects. I continue my cooking education in LA in regards to raw food, gluten free cooking, and healthy desserts. I hope to share all of my discoveries.

I encourage you to write with any questions you have regarding modeling, dieting, working out, cooking, or thoughts. Please refer to my contact page for more info. However, leaving a comment on the blog or on my Facebook page is sometimes best.



My Story

People often ask me how I am so disciplined in my diet. I don’t really see myself as all that ‘disciplined’, after all, i have my days. Sometimes, late at night, I crave chocolate and decide to bake a chocolate cake 10 p.m. It’s not gluten free, dairy free, or sugar free for that matter. I am for 80% of my life… pretty good at being ‘good’. It’s a matter of trial and error and i don’t worry about slip ups that happen. I realized a long time ago that worrying too much is the opposite of what works (for me).

My passion for healthy eating began when 6 years ago when I started working as a model in Miami. I witnessed other ‘methods’, besides running and dieting, to gaining the body deemed ‘necessary’ by the industry. The first time I was asked to ‘drop five pounds,’ I cried to for 3 hours before hitting the gym at 11 p.m that night. I ate salad for every meal and worked out twice a day for three weeks for my first lingerie job in Austria. (I don’t think I dropped five pounds but I think I lost 2-3.)

I realized later that I couldn’t compete with the eating disorders or drugs–and I didn’t want to. When we are young, we can get away with eating a lot of things. I myself had one-sometimes even two, Arby’s ‘Melts’, a day for lunch. Super healthy (jk). When we get a little bit older things start to show… I didn’t eat much when I started modeling but I wasn’t trying to. I didn’t have the money to buy a lot of food; Day 1 of modeling and all I had in my stomach was a bag of raisins that my mom had given me for the plane ride. (I guess this explains my obsession with raisins). The rest of my diet contained oatmeal and chocolate protein powder. Definitely not the greens, quinoa, green smoothies, gluten free, dairy free, diet that I eat today.

Eventually, I couldn’t do it any more. I knew how I wanted to look and that ‘eating healthy’ would eventually take me there. If it didn’t, it wasn’t meant to be. This is why I have the discipline that I do and why I share the recipes on this blog, cook them, and eat them on a regular basis. I believe that eating healthy really does work to make you feel and look your best.




I have been modeling for Elite Model Management for nearly 5 years. I started my career with Elite Miami under my mother agency, Pulse Management in Salt Lake City. I was scouted at the mall as i was running through ‘Dicks Sporting Goods’ to work at ‘Abercrombie’. (yes, people really do get scouted at the mall). I have traveled to more countries than i could’ve ever imagined; My favorite being, Sweden or New Zealand. I’ve worked for Guess, GQ, Womens Health, Maggie Sottero, Colgate, Nordstroms, Linea Pelle, Macy’s, SELF, and Michael Kors to name a few. I’ve been incredibly blessed and lucky to experience so much-so young all because of this incredible career.




Larisa was born in Mississauga, Canada before moving to Alpine, Utah with her family. She  currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with the frequent trip to Milwaukee, WI.




Other Blogging Adventures

I previously worked on a blog called ‘Bikini Sweetie’. I would post tips for working out, beauty regimens, and recipes. I wanted Bikini Sweetie to be a place for girls to be able to communicate with a me and ask for advice. When I was growing up i didn’t talk about simple things like hair, wearing a bra, feeling ‘chubby’, losing weight, shaving, etc. with my friends. No one did. You simply just had to ‘figure it out’. My goal with Bikini Sweetie was just to help one girl with one question and the response was greater than I’d hoped. Thanks to all of the girls and occasional man that wrote in and i ask you not to stop just because i don’t actively post anymore. I have realized how much cooking has enhanced my life and those around me. Its about making people feel good and communicating the thought behind the food.